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Mod Chalet – Rental House in Arnold, CA

Coming soon!

A great vacation rental house just past Dorrington in Arnold, CA.

A relaxing base for your time in the mountains.

The Mod Chalet is a place for our family and vacation rental guests to enjoy the sun, snow, mountains and all the area has to offer. We’re a design oriented family and we hope to find guests who appreciate clean the clean, modern look that maintains its vintage, rustic feel. It’s a perfect setup for one or two families, or several couples.

Camp Connell is 10 minutes from Arnold, CA and 20 minutes down the mountain from the Bear Valley ski area. The Mod Chalet was built in 1978 and is over 5,100 feet in elevation. The 1.5 acre property and the hill-side setting give the home a secluded feel and great views. The Big Trees Village pool is available to guests for a daily fee.​

You can learn more about the vacation rental home in Arnold, CA.