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Dansk & Quistgaard, Teak Salt & Peppers

Dansk “Classic Fjord”

04.25.09 | Comment?

The nice folks at Dansk have been busy lately.  Their latest is a a series of aluminum serving dishes inspired by some of Jens Quistgaard’s teak classics from the early days of Dansk.  The Dansk site does not credit JHQ with the pieces, but I’m sure that 2 of these pieces (one comes in two sizes) were his work.

I often make the analogy for friends that Dansk was like the Nambe of the 60s in that they were the go-to wedding registry gift items that Nambe seems to be today.  These new Dansk pieces take that vision one step further, with Dansk’s original forms recreated in a Nabme-like metal.

The “Classic Fjord Tray” comes in a small and large size.  Hard to say from the photos, but these seem to be very close to the 801, 802, and 803 teak trays which originally date from the original 1956 line of staved teak.  The new ones come in 13″ and 20″ sizes, while the originals were 21″, 24″, and 27″.

The “Canoe Bowl” is very similar to the rare JHQ classic canoe shaped tray/bowl also from the original 1956 collection – it’s even about the same size.  While the 801 series lasted for many years, the original of this piece was only created for a year or two.  It was quite thin and probably very expensive to make.

Below are images of the new metal pieces followed by their original teak inspirations.  You can buy these pieces at


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